New Survey launched at Windlesham Fete

On Saturday,June 13th a new survey for the Neighbourhood Plan was launched at the village fete.
Interest this year was far higher than the survey last year, with close to a hundred hard copies of the survey being given out.
The survey focuses on many of the planning issues raised by the village in the first survey and is asking for further views on what the final plan should contain.
Respondents are asked to comment in favour or against proposals rising from the earlier survey in respect of planning.
They are also asked to comment on outline proposals for the village center which are contained in a separate project statement.
Once all of the responses are received then they will be analysed and incorporated within the plan which will then be inspected by an independent inspector and sent out to all of the villagers on the electoral roll for their approval or otherwise.
If approved the planning policies will have legal standing. The project however does not have the same legal standing but it would be expected that it would be taken note of.
If you would like any clarification of what the above means please ask via this website and we will endeavor to do this.
There is a concern that minority interests may seek to use misleading statements and it’s hoped that this will not deter you from giving your opinion, which is all that’s being asked for at the moment.

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