The consultation is now closed. All correspondence will be read by our local County Councillor together with the Parking Team Manager and the chairman of the Local Committee.  A report of recommendations on how to proceed will be written and published on the “Parking News and Updates” page on the SCC website. All individuals who have contacted SCC will be given notice.  It is understood from Cllr Mike Goodman, that the response to the survey has resulted in changes to the proposals but full details are not yet known.


Many of those who commented on the need for improved bus services for Windlesham in our questionnaire will need to take part in the Surrey County Council (SCC) Local Transport Review.  SCC are looking for savings and bus services in the rural areas, including Windlesham, are most at risk.  If you would like to see the current bus service retained or improved, you need to make your views known by completing the survey questionnaire on the SCC website.


One of the common issues that the responses to our questionnaire has illustrated is the lack of parking facilities in the village centre.  This situation is likely to be exacerbated by the new parking proposals put forward by Surrey County Council for Updown Hill.  Those council officers who made the proposal for Updown Hill believe they will improve road safety, traffic flow and the local environment.  They make no mention of the effect on local shops and the viability of the village centre and there is no compensating car park proposals to offset the loss of on-street parking facilities in Updown Hill during the day.  The only ones likely to benefit are those who use the village as a “rat run” in the morning and evening as they will be able to pass through the village with fewer delays from parked vehicles.

Details of the proposals are on our Facebook page at #windleshamneighbourhoodplan with a map of the proposals.  They can also be found on the Parish Council website and Facebook page.  The page includes a link to a consultation response form which is only open until 14 November so there is very little time to make your feelings known if you are at all concerned.


Surrey Heath Borough Council started a consultation on our Area Application on 31st October.  It will run until 12th December 2014.  A map of the area to be covered by the plan is here.  Further details of the application and a response form are available on the Council’s website at  Please support the area application as any change in the area from the Ward boundary will make it impossible to gather statistics to support the policies in the Plan from the Office of National Statistics.  This will make the production of the Plan more difficult and more expensive.  You will need to complete the form and save it before emailing it to the address provided as an attachment.

Notification of a Neighbourhood Plan Area Application

A letter has been circulated by the Borough of Surrey Heath concerning our application for the designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area for the Windlesham Ward area of Windlesham Parish. This is the first step in developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Windlesham.

Surrey Heath Borough Council will publicise the application for a minimum period of 6 weeks to bring the application to the attention of those who live, work or carry out business in Windlesham Ward. The Borough Council will make the application available on its website and will publicise the application on the Council’s Facebook page and on Twitter.  All residents and businesses in Windlesham Parish who are on the Council’s Local Plan database have been notified by letter.

A copy of the application is held in Lightwater library and notices have been displayed on notice boards within the area.  A press release will also be been sent to local newspapers.

Further details of the applications and a response form will be available on the Council’s website at from 31st October 2014. This webpage provides a background to the Neighbourhood Planning process and details of the proposed Windlesham Ward Neighbourhood Area application.

The consultation period will run from Friday 31st October 2014 until Friday 12th December 2014.

Comments received will be fully considered by the Council in line with the regulations set out in the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.  A detailed summary of all comments received and any resulting changes required to the Neighbourhood Plan Area will be reported to the Council’s Executive, before the final Neighbourhood Plan Area is designated.

Please use this opportunity to express your support for the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan area.  One advantage of limiting the Neighbourhood Plan to Windlesham Ward is that statistics relating to the Plan Area can easily be obtained from the Office of National Statistics without the need for expensive surveys to establish the basic data.


At its meeting on 30 September 2014, the Parish Council decided that each Ward within the Parish would be able to produce a Neighbourhood Plan based on their Ward boundaries.  The application for approval of the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan area was submitted to Borough on 14 October with a map attached showing the area.  It is expected that the Borough will commence a 6 week consultation period during which it will gather comments on the proposed area before making a decision to approve or not.


A copy of the questionnaire available at the launch event on 27 September can be found here ( and there is a direct link on the “Latest Updates” and “Consultations” pages.  Initial analysis will begin at the end of October but questionnaires completed after that will still be included in the final analysis.


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