Pre-submission Consultation

The revised Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan was approved by Windlesham Parish Council on 31st January 2017 and then entered into pre-submission consultation. This is another opportunity for residents and stakeholders to make their comments on the content of the Plan. See the home page for links to the Plan, the Village Rejuvenation Project and the Additional Items and how to submit any comments.

Draft of Policies for your Neighbourhood Plan

The first draft of the policies that would form your Neighbourhood Plan can be seen here. All residents will have the opportunity to feedback on these policies before they are finalised and put to a residents’ referendum vote.

Survey on local education services

Although it is outside the remit of a Neighbourhood Plan, our previous surveys showed residents feel strongly about local education and we are duty-bound to report our findings. In order to deliver a comprehensive report, we have therefore created a short survey on this specific topic and would appreciate your time in completing it.

Please go to to do so and encourage your neighbours and local friends to do so too.

Thank you.

Local Transport Review

Surrey County Council’s Local Transport Review proposes some changes to a number of local bus services that would affect the 500 service through Windlesham.

You can see details of the proposed changes and submit your comments by Monday 14th March 2016 here.

New Survey launched at Windlesham Fete

On Saturday,June 13th a new survey for the Neighbourhood Plan was launched at the village fete.
Interest this year was far higher than the survey last year, with close to a hundred hard copies of the survey being given out.
The survey focuses on many of the planning issues raised by the village in the first survey and is asking for further views on what the final plan should contain.
Respondents are asked to comment in favour or against proposals rising from the earlier survey in respect of planning.
They are also asked to comment on outline proposals for the village center which are contained in a separate project statement.
Once all of the responses are received then they will be analysed and incorporated within the plan which will then be inspected by an independent inspector and sent out to all of the villagers on the electoral roll for their approval or otherwise.
If approved the planning policies will have legal standing. The project however does not have the same legal standing but it would be expected that it would be taken note of.
If you would like any clarification of what the above means please ask via this website and we will endeavor to do this.
There is a concern that minority interests may seek to use misleading statements and it’s hoped that this will not deter you from giving your opinion, which is all that’s being asked for at the moment.


It’s with enormous regret that I have to announce that our secretary, David Howie, has decided to step down. Those of you that know him from Neighbourhood Watch, will have appreciated his commitment, hard work and clear vision.  We too at the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan Support Group have been beneficiaries of all of these skills, together with his clear vision, sense of purpose and ability to identify issues and to work hard to resolve them.

Such is the quality and breadth of his involvement, that we will not be able to replace him with another individual. It is a testament to the effort that he has put in that whoever takes over his duties will have a far easier ride than he did.

David has kindly agreed to support from a distance and we hope that this position will give him and Petronella an opportunity to recapture and enjoy some of the vast amounts of leisure time that they have given up to supporting us.  He has kept us and particularly me, on the straight and narrow and I’m sure that all of us are enormously grateful for everything he has done and we wish him the very best.

Richard Tear
Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan Support Group


Following leaflet distribution at the Windlesham Society Carol event and at the Windlesham Primary School Christmas fete by members of the Steering Group in December, the number of responses has crept up to 254 representing 7.31% of the population over 16.  A summary of the responses to the open ended question on “What I value about living in Windlesham” was published in the January issue of the Parish Magazine.  A copy of this article can be found on the website under the “Library” heading.


As at 30 November 2014, there have been 235 responses to the Issues Questionnaire launched in September.  This represents 6.76% of the population of the Neighbourhood Plan Area.  The Ascot, Sunningdale and Sunninghill NP achieved 7% and thought it an excellent response when compared to other surveys conducted within their borough.  A map of the distribution of the responses is here.  It is largely representational to show responses by road/post code rather than individual houses