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One Comment

Carol Pedley

Following the recent article in the Windlesham Magazine a reference is made to a ‘perceived lack of transport’.
I would just like to clarify, there is not a perceived lack of transport, there is no suitable transport to enable
students or commuters to get to the station to catch trains. Even if you have a car, you can drive to the station,
then you are faced with outrageous parking costs; that is if you can find somewhere to park after 8.00 am or
alternatively, a lift if you are lucky enough to know someone who is going at a time when you have to catch your
train. In the future plan, transport should be a major consideration; if you are young or on low pay it is
impossible to live in Windlesham and take public transport from where you live to a station.
Therefore, none of our teenagers can be self sufficient and look for work outside the local vicinity.

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