Questionnaires & Consultations

Over the course of our Neighbourhood Plan’s development we are conducting major public consultations, as well as interviews with local people, businesses, land owners and other stakeholders.  All these will inform the content of the Plan, reflecting the views of the community.  The results of these consultations will be submitted as part of the required Evidence Base to support the Neighbourhood Plan.  For the results of these consultations, please click on the links below:

Windlesham Fete 2014
Shortly after the Steering Group was established, it was decided to have a stand at the Windlesham Fete in order to find out the views of those visiting the Fete on the issues affecting Windlesham.  It was accepted that we were in the very early stages of the process of producing a Plan and few fully understood what was involved, but this was an opportunity not to be missed even though it would not produce a representative sample of comments on the issues affecting Windlesham.  A list of the issues raised can be found here.

Launch Event 27 September 2014 Chertsey Road Hall
The official launch event for the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan took place from 1pm to 6pm in Chertsey Road Hall on Saturday 27 September 2014.  Windlesham residents were invited to drop in at anytime to find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan process, give their views on the issues and get involved.  There were poster boards to consult and a rolling presentation.  There were posters in the village and an invitation delivered to each household in early September.  Tea and cakes were provided and questionnaires completed on the day were eligible for the free raffle with a prize donated by the landlord of the Half Moon.

Initial results indicate that 157 people attended and 14 offered to assist in the production of the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan.  Sixteen copies of the questionnaire were completed at the event but all 250 copies available on the day were taken away for completion. David Eppel was the lucky winner of the prize draw but he has generously refused his prize which will help defray the cost of putting on the event.  A list of the comments posted on the boards on display at the event can be found here.

Launch Survey 2014
This survey is now closed.  A summary of the results can be found here. We have also analysed every written comment submitted via the 2014 Survey, which you can see here along with these explanatory notes.

June 2015 Survey  This second survey is now closed and a summary of results can be found here. This second survey sought to enable residents’ majority votes to form decisions for the Neighbourhood Plan. A summary of those decisions is available here.

Vision Consultation (tbc)
We have drafted a Vision statement that will guide how we think our area should develop. It is:

“To maintain Windlesham’s rural character whilst responding to the needs of local people”

This will be included in a Vision Paper and distributed at some time in the future to all households and businesses in the area. It will include a detailed Questionnaire which we will ask as many people as possible to complete to give us feedback on the Vision and the issues we are currently dealing with and suggest others that ought to be included.

Options Consultation (tbc)
This is likely to be the final consultation we will be having with the community before finalising our local area Neighbourhood Plan. Once the policies to be included in the Plan have been drafted, you (the community) will have a final chance to comment on them before the final Plan is written and submitted to Surrey Heath Borough followed by submission to an Examiner. It will then be put to the whole community to vote on in a Referendum; if passed, it will become core planning policy.


Adrian Ince

I am delighted to see the vision statement described as a “provisional” vision statement though I don’t understand why ‘vision’ has a capital letter. I have made comment on other pages which refer to this ‘vision’ concept.

Windlesham Plan

The website is consistent in its use of the words provisional or proposed concerning the Vision Statement. It was voted out of the TORs approved by the Steering Group but that does not mean that it will not be subject to change in the future.

Adrian Ince

Para 1 says: “All these [consultations] will inform the content of the Plan, reflecting the views of the majority in the community” The word majority is ambiguous: does it mean those policies which have the most supporters? Given the scale of approval, how do you intend to score the different strength of approval? And does majority allow that degrees of hostility should also be counted, reducing the approval score or even overwhelming it so there is a net negative score i.e. a net rejection? More relevant still is the fact that the questionnaire says we do not have to answer questions where we are not affected, don’t have a view, don’t find our opinion has any merit anyway. Suppose an issue affects a small area of housing and is essentially an enclave matter. There are twenty votes for and three against. In the overall picture, this is not a big issue so, on one way of interpreting majority it won’t get a look-in in the final Plan. That could well be a mistake. If the NP is supposed to give local people a say in what they want effected in their locality then the fact that, of those affected, there is a large majority in favour suggests this policy item should be in the Plan. I favour an interpretation of ‘majority’ to mean majority of relevant votes not the biggest majorities among all the topics.

David Howie

The long-awaited analysis of the results of the June 2015 Survey have finally been published. It was disappointing to discover that this was merely a summary of the analysis already available on Survey Monkey via the Library page of this website. It provides no comment on how these results will affect the Neighbourhood Plan and it provides no information on, or analysis of, the many open-ended comments on each question which are available for view in the Survey Monkey summary on the Library page. When will a full and comprehensive analysis of the results of the survey and their implications for the Neighbourhood Plan be conducted and made available to the community?

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