Your Village – Your Plan

Windlesham Parish Council, with the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan for the Windlesham Ward (as drawn before the electoral boundary changes to be implemented on 2nd May 2019) in the Parish of Windlesham.
Surrey Heath Borough Council has agreed to proceed to a referendum on the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan, to be held on Thursday 2nd May 2018.

Click here or here to read the Plan and all relevant associated documents on the Windlesham Parish Council website or the Surrey Heath Borough Council Website, respectively.

Residents identified a number of issues, such as traffic, parking and schooling, that fall outside the remit of a neighbourhood plan, so to address these the Windlesham Plan is accompanied by a Village Rejuvenation Project and Additional Items.

When finally adopted by the Borough of Surrey Heath, the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan will become a statutory part of the Borough’s Local Development Plan.  This means the Borough must consult the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan before taking any planning decisions on planning applications affecting the area covered by it. Development will take place or be rejected, whether there is a Neighbourhood Plan in place or not. However, if there is no Neighbourhood Plan in place, none of its policies, setting out the type of development that is in keeping with Windlesham’s character and the importance of the community being consulted over it, would have any effect. Future planning decisions will instead be based on Surrey Heath Borough’s policies and national guidance.

Timeline in brief
– 2011 – Localism Act passed
– Early 2014 – Working Group & Steering Group for Windlesham’s Neighbourhood Plan set up
– June 2014 – First resident survey launched at Windlesham Summer Fete
– June 2015 – Follow up survey launched
– Early 2016 – Draft plan drawn up based on resident survey results
– June 2016 – Presentation to business and commercial stakeholders for feedback
– September 2016 – Presentation to residents for feedback
– January 2017 – Revised Plan is approved by the Parish Council. To address residents’ full list of concerns, the Plan is accompanied by two other documents, the Village Rejuvenation Project (summary here) and Additional Items. It is also accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment / Habitats Regulation Assessment Screening Report.
– April 2017 – Pre-submission Consultation
– November 2017 – Pre-submission Health Check
– February 2018 – Updated Neighbourhood Plan submitted to SHBC for final Public Consultation
– April & May 2018 – Surrey Heath Borough Council Public Consultation
– November 2018 – Independent Examination
An independent examiner was appointed to undertake the examination of the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan. The Examiner’s Report was released on 13th December 2018 with the recommendation that the Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to referendum, subject to modification.
View the Independent Examiner’s Report of The Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan
– January 2019 – Amendments as per the Independent Examiner’s Recommendations made to the Plan and agreed by the Steering Group.
– February 2019 – Surrey Heath Executive Meeting agreed the final version of the plan and that it will proceed to referendum.
– 2nd May 2019 – Residents’ referendum.

Vision & Objectives
The agreed and approved Vision & Objectives for the Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan can be seen here.

Survey Analysis & List of Decisions
The Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan will reflect the wishes of its residents, gathered via two surveys. Results of these can be seen here:
Analysis of 2014 Survey
Analysis of 2015 Survey
Analysis of 2014 Survey comments
List of Residents’ Decisions

Steering Group & Working Group
Your Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan is being produced by a Steering Group and a Working Group made up of local resident volunteers, Parish and Borough Councillors. Use the link above to see more information on these groups and minutes of their meetings.